Important Dates

General Information

Congress Dates:
07-10 October, 2021

Congress Centre
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel

Congress Language
Official language of the congress is Turkish.

Documents of Permission
For congress participation, congress invitation letters, which are requested to give institutions, will be sent the one who would like to participate in through Congress Organization Committee

Name Badge
We kindly request from all the participants and companies to put their name tags while the entrance of congress center, scientific sessions, booth area and social programs
in terms of security reasons.

Participant Certificate
Participation Certificate will be distributed to all registered participants on 25 October, 2021.

In the case that one of the parents come with their children who is under 18 years old, there is an obligation for the other parent to get deed of consent from any notary. Children under 18 years old who do not have deed of consent will not be allowed to go out from country by passport police.

Arrivals and departures will be done from international terminal to TRNC.

About Cyprus
Cyprus (Greek: Kypros) is the third biggest island of Mediterranean. Turkey is located in the north, 65 km distance, Syria is located in the east, 112 km distance, Israel is 267
km distance and Lebanon 162 km distance. Egypt is located in the south, 418 km distance and Greece is located in the northwest, 965km distance. Cyprus is the third biggest island of Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus is located in between 30.33 and 35.41 latitude and 32.23 and 34.55 longitude. Square measure of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is 3.355 km2. Approximately half of the coasts of island are in the borders of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Fertile land of %45, which can be planted, %20 percentage is irrigated. %20 of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is generally forested and intense afforestation program is on going. Island, which was under sovereignty of Hittite, colonized by islands in Greece and after that, in orderly, came under sovereignty of Roman and Byzantine. Island was conquered by Turkish people in 1571 and island was conquered by English people in 1914 who rented in return 500,000 American Dollars annually from Ottoman Empire in 1878. In 1960, island gained independence in the name of Cyprus Republic and after Greece’s coup in 1974, as a result of Cyprus Peace Operation which was carried out by Turkish Armed Forces, two different states were established. The biggest city is Nicosia. Other touristic cities are Kyrenia and Mogasa. The island is currently administered by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Greek populated Southern part of Cyprus as divided into two.